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Madison set the standard for the ladyship and her actions were the model for nearly every First Lady until Eleanor Roosevelt in the s. The president had already arranged to combine his office and residence in one building, thus providing her with ample opportunity to receive his callers and participate in official functions.

The president had already arranged to combine his office and residence in one building, thus providing her with ample opportunity to receive his callers and participate in official functions. Hillary Rodham Clinton —the wife of Bill Clintonentered the White House with a law degree, a successful career of her own, and connections to a large network of successful professionals, including other lawyers and activists.

Although she regularly disclaimed any influence, she was credited with gaining appointments to important posts for many individuals from these groups. Mary Todd Lincoln —65the wife of Abraham Lincolnthough insecure in a visible role, prevailed on her husband to grant favours to friends and hangers-on.

Her effort to catalog White House holdings and to furnish one of the upstairs rooms as the Monroe Drawing Room foreshadowed later restoration efforts of her successors.

Hardingillustrated the extent to which Americans had come to accept that women—including first ladies—played an important role in public life. After he won the presidential election that year, she spearheaded a program that encouraged Americans to do more to improve the appearance of their neighbourhoods and that resulted in the Highway Beautification Act of Ellen Wilson —14the first wife of Woodrow Wilsonlived in the White House only 17 months before dying of kidney disease, but she advanced the cause of housing reform by bringing together specialists and legislators at the White House and by conducting tours of slum areas.

Many early first ladies expressed their own preference for how they were addressed, including the use of such titles as "Lady," "Mrs.

Following her example, many women went for medical examinations, a fact that, as she later wrote, made her realize the power of the first lady.

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She also made headlines by testifying in support of the Mental Health Systems Act before a committee of the U.

Although she did not disdain the household management role that her predecessor had played she oversaw the initial move to the new White House in Washington, D. In the s her association with a network of politically powerful women helped to augment her zeal. Nonetheless, first ladies have held a highly visible position in American society.

Sigourney", discussing how Martha Washington had not changed, even after her husband George became president.

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Indulging in no indolence, she left the pillow at dawn, and after breakfast, retired to her chamber for an hour for the study of the scriptures and devotion". Historians remain divided over the exact nature of her role during this period.

Nonetheless, she attends many official ceremonies and functions of state either along with or in place of the president.

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Trumancould achieve enormous popularity as first lady and yet act so differently from Eleanor Roosevelt showed how malleable the role of first lady had become.This section describes the First Ladies of the United States, their bibliographies, their juvenile biographies and biographies, a timeline and the lesson plans available.

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Dr. Margaret DeLillo Storey/Retired Army.

First ladies of the united states
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