Hot air balloons

Our article about how to get a balloon pilot's license is a great overview of the steps needed to learn to fly a balloon, but for those interested in the business side of starting a balloon ride business will Hot air balloons valuable information from our new book.

Privacy Policy Get Involved in Ballooning If you are one of those who find hot air balloons fascinating, you've probably dreamt of going for a balloon ride, or maybe even piloting one.

We've got other great books in our Pilot's section.


Obstacles in the landscape can inhibit smooth retrieval of the balloon upon landing. If you go to a festival, don't be shy -- balloonists are happy to answer your questions, and its possible you'll find a balloonist that lives near you.

Liftoff would require a slightly greater temperature, depending on the desired rate of climb. The skids on its bottom may require occasional replacement.

These commonly include an altimetera rate of climb vertical speed indicator known as a variometer, envelope air temperature, and ambient air temperature. On 7 Januarya hot air balloon collided with a power line, caught fire and crashed at CartertonNorth IslandNew Zealandkilling all 11 people on board.

After many unsuccessful attempts see our section on Atlantic Crossings for more detailed accounts this mighty Ocean had finally been cracked. If there aren't any balloon companies near you, plan to go for a balloon ride during your next vacation! Another common type of top design is the "Smart Vent," which, rather than lowering a fabric disc into the envelope as in the "parachute" type, gathers the fabric together in the center of the opening.

Damaged fuel hoses need to be replaced. Early unmanned hot air balloons were used in China. A parachute vent can be opened briefly while in flight to initiate a rapid descent.

This shape may be referred to as "natural".

How Hot Air Balloons Work

Commercial hot air balloon pilots may also act as hot air balloon flight instructors. You'll help with all aspects of the flight, and will ride in the chase vehicle as it follows the balloon during flight.

Hot Air Balloons

In Australia[ edit ] In Australia, private balloon pilots are managed by the Australian Ballooning Federation [51] and typically become members of regional hot air ballooning clubs.

Ask if you can help with the inflation and deflation of the balloon - most passengers enjoy helping which maximizes your experience. The mass and exposed surface to air movement of a medium-sized balloon is sufficient to cause rope friction burns to the hands of anyone trying to stop or prevent movement.

Products for recoating the fabric are becoming available commercially. He broke the sound barrier with his body! This section does not cite any sources. Leaving from Switzerland and landing in Africa, they smashed all previous distance records, flying for 19 days, 21 hours and 55 minutes.

With a team of over 40 dedicated employees and decades of aviation and hospitality experience at the controls, our company is regarded as one of the premier hot air balloon ride companies in the world.

Hot air balloon

The simplest, often used by home builders, is a hemisphere on top of a truncated has the most complete directory and calendar of hot air balloon festivals, fairs, rallies and events around the world. Compass Balloons offers hot air balloon tours in San Diego and Temecula.

We offer group tours and private tours for both sunrise and sunset. Hot air ballooning's home on the web.

Welcome to the world's most complete directory of Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Lists approved ride companies, how balloons fly, how to become a balloon pilot,or find a balloon festival near you. Napa Valley Balloons is the oldest and safest hot air balloon ride company in Napa Valley.

Hot air balloon

Need proof? Check the California Secretary of State's website and compare us to our competition. has the most complete directory and calendar of hot air balloon festivals, fairs, rallies and events around the world.

The United States Hot Air Balloon Team is the premier ballooning company in Southeastern Pennsylvania, providing hot air balloon rides over the Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland countryside.

Hot air balloons
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